Testimonials From Our Valued Families and Colleagues

Stefanie has been our son Danny's speech therapist for 4 years and we can say without reservation that Danny would not have progressed as far as he has were it not for Stefanie's guiding hand in developing a successful treatment plan. Her knowledge, years of experience and most importantly, her genuine care for and total patience with children, have contributed to Danny's success. We consider it a comfort to know that our son has been in the care of such a highly trained professional.

Lisa and Alan

Stefanie, you are an exception to the rule. You are doing exactly what you should be doing- using your amazing skills and gifts to teach children how to help overcome their disabilities. I can honestly say that you have been the most important person in my son’s progress. His improvement is a credit to your dedication and love for what you do.

Your strength and self confidence set you apart from any other therapist I have ever worked with. You are not afraid to say no - and to reinforce the rules you set forth. I have watched you redirect my son with just one word or a certain look.

If I ever had to make a choice between your therapy and all other services we receive I would without question give up everything to keep you working with my son. I trust you and your instincts completely.

My boys are so lucky in every sense of the word to have you in their lives. I will always be grateful to you. Thank you!

Mother - to Jack and Joseph

I have deep admiration for you Stefanie. You have worked miracles with Justin. Now people can actually understand
what he says! Behaviorists have tried for years to teach Justin questions, using sentences, articulation and they all have failed. You in 4 hours a week have done what other couldn't do with 30 hours per week.

You "get" Justin's language learning style and are able to develop goals and a treatment plan that are effective - not too simple and not too complex. The skills you have in articulation and oral motor training are what very few therapists possess. You also have a good understanding of behavior management and use token and rewards system with Justin accordingly. You go to bat for your kids if you need to and I cannot say enough good things about you.

Thank you!

My son and I were lucky enough to work with Stefanie for about a year and a half--when Sam was 2 years old to 3 1/2. We were new to speech therapy but I knew Sam needed help. My first impression was that Stefanie was obviously experienced. She knew just what Sam needed and how to get him there. We saw steady improvement in his willingness to speak and his intelligibility.

Stefanie worked with Sam's strengths, even if it wasn't the next "regular" developmental step--and he did beautifully. She adapts to the child's temperament in general and within each day. She can get the best out of them and I know that skill is hard to find in therapists--but it works wonders for our kids. Stefanie works well with parents, too--she gave me plenty of pep talks when it looked like things would never change. She often gave me hope when I had doubts.

I recommend Stefanie to anyone and everyone, and do so without reservation.

Thank you!

I can only say the nicest things about Stefanie. I call her "The Best Speech Therapist in the World".

My son had seen the so-called "greatest" speech therapist in L.A prior to meeting Stefanie, and he never made real progress. It was really frustrating! No other speech therapist is comparable to Stefanie, as she had only one goal in my mind, for him to progress!!!! Stefanie worked with my son with love, devotion, and professionalism for 3 years. After only a couple of sessions, my son was progressing.

When he first started seeing Stefanie he was non-verbal. After 3 years of intensive speech therapy with Stefanie, not only is my son speaking wonderfully well, he has gained so much from her talented skills as a speech therapist. We are amazed by his progress. His school teacher is amazed by his rich vocabulary for his age!

I can thank only one person in this world and it's Stefanie. She will always be special to our family.

Stefanie, thank you so much, you are wonderful! I will forever be grateful!


Stefanie is my #1 speech therapist I refer to due due to such positive responses from the parents I speak to. They always say she explains their child's strengths and needs very clearly, and makes realistic goals that can be achieved in a reasonable amount of time. The parents I refer to her also say not only is Stefanie kind and compassionate, but she has a great sense of humor. She takes time to get to know each of her families so that she can give them all the personal care they need. I too have thoroughly enjoyed working with Stefanie when we have shared clients and create our newsletters together.

Stephanie Caruso Afshar
OTR/L Pediatric Occupational Therapist

While it is not always immediately clear to other professionals what Eva’s communication deficits are (she hides them well), you recognized her strong and weak points from the very start. Eva loves coming to see “Teacher Stefanie” and even though therapy is sometimes hard for her, she genuinely looks forward to her sessions with you.

Stefanie—I cannot tell you what it means to us, after running into so many obstacles and people who are hard to deal with on our path in getting Eva the help she needs, to work with people like you, who care about our daughter and who go the extra mile.

A whole-hearted thank you from all of us.
Cecile and Gus

My son was in speech therapy, with various speech therapists for 4 years prior to starting with Stefanie. Stefanie was the first speech therapist who truly got my son and who truly made an impact. Stefanie has a presence that is comforting to both parent and child. I am in awe of how quickly she developed a rapport with my son and got down to business. Stefanie has not only been a wonderful speech therapist for my son, but an integral part of his team. She has additionally educated me how to carry over her teachings for when she is not around.

If I could, I would kidnap Stefanie and never let her go!


Dear Stefanie,

This letter has been a long time coming. It was difficult for me to write, not because I don’t believe in you, but quite the opposite. I have so much to thank and be grateful for, that I don’t want to leave anything out, and at the same time I don’t know how to put it all in a simple letter. Our first meeting was very emotional for me. It informed me that my perfect, first born daughter had a speech delay. At the time I didn’t know why, and I blamed myself for not doing something sooner. I didn’t understand that you would get my daughter to say a word, a phrase, a sentence, and then finally a barrage of unending questions, (thank you very much). Even more than that, become a true friend and confidant that my daughter and myself would grow to rely on.

Your devotion to children is truly remarkable. You deal with very challenging children on a daily, sometimes an hourly basis, and in time your reward is ours, a word. And from personal experience these children not only love to play with you, but truly love you.

Thank you is too small for smoothing out the road in my daughter’s life. It is truly beautiful watching her travel down the path of her heart’s desire, and knowing that she can meet, overcome and get through any obstacles that arise.

Much love and gratitude,

"Stefanie Trenholme is one of the leading speech and language pathologists, serving the Greater Los Angeles Area. My experience in working with Stefanie has been one that is both, informative and rewarding. She continues to research the latest and most up-to-date empirical methods to utilize in treatment and works effectively in collaborating with other service providers that are a part of a multidisciplinary team. What makes Stefanie stand apart from the rest, in my professional opinion, is that she understands and appreciates the necessity of applying other therapeutic programs, such as behavioral goals, to her treatment setting in order to support continuity and high quality care.

Stefanie is one who demonstrates a passion for her line of work and goes above and beyond in providing thorough and comprehensive performance in assessments, treatment plans, and maintenance of skills taught. Moreover, her efforts to implement generalization of new skills learned, across varying environmental factors and individuals, only demonstrates how meticulous she is in her treatment.

Natasha Parsakia,
Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Special Educator Instructor
Owner of My Shadow

"Stefanie is an amazing speech therapist. She is very dedicated and works incredibly well with children. She communicates her goals with parents and makes sure that the client is always on track to reaching them. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Stefanie and highly recommend her services.”

Charleen, Behavioral Therapist

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